I'm Courtney, the dreamer, designer, and letterer behind the scenes of the Lovely Lettering shop.  I'm an American living in a small coastal town in New Zealand with my little family -- husband, Heath, and our son, Bodhi (3), as well as our pup, Riggs. I'm a lover of iced coffee, family adventures, fitness, scented candles, sunshine and beautiful design.

My relationship with letters and handwriting began at young age. I was meticulous with my penmanship and would copy and practice my writing over and over again. I was even known to rewrite my class notes in school, as embarrassing as that is! Over the years I have slowly blended my perfectionism and artistic side into the designs you see today. 

It is my hope that you will be able to purchase beautiful and meaningful art for yourself and others. I truly believe that the words we speak and display within our homes influence our lives. I'm so grateful to know that things I have made will be having a positive influence in your home! Thank you so much for visiting and (hopefully!) purchasing from LL!